Bitcoin ATM United Arab Emirates – find bitcoin machine ...

Bitcoin ATM Dubai Location - Cashout crypto to UAE dirham

Blockchain customer support center installed bitcoin atm machine that dispense cash find location in dubai abu dhabi sharjah cashout crypto to dirham quick
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Buy Bitcoin in Dubai

Buy Bitcoin in Dubai with Cash
Your Crypto Cashpoint In Dubai

How to buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

You can buy bitcoin in Dubai at Coinsfera with cash, credit card, and bank transfer. Coinsfera is the crypto currency cashpoint where you can Buy & Sell more than 500 cryptocurrencies with cash in seconds.
  1. Make an appointment with Coinsfera staff via phone, Whatsapp or Telegram.
  2. Visit our Bitcoinshop in Dubai conveniently located at Baniyas Square-14th Rd – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.
  3. Pay with cash (Dirham or US Dollars) and get your Bitcoin.
One of the methods is cryptocurrency exchanges but it is not so easy for the unexperienced users. First, you will need to create an account on one of the major exchanges, confirm your identity, connect a credit card and transfer money, and only then you will be able to proceed with buying and selling bitcoin.
The whole process takes some time, unless, of course, the exchange is suffering from failures and you do not know how to do everything correctly.

First Bitcoin ATM in Bitcoin

In Dubai, there is also an ATM for buying BTC without identity verification. In Dubai, the first ATM was installed in 2019, allowing you to buy bitcoins without passing KYC. However, to withdraw fiat money, you will still need an identity card. Even though ATM is becoming more popular all over the world, security remains the main problem. This ATM was installed at the Rixos Premium Dubai JBR Wellness center in Dubai.
The device allows you to purchase bitcoins for cash. However, you do not need to present your identity card or pass KYC. Nevertheless, although the purchase of bitcoin is made anonymously, users are unlikely to be able to maintain confidentiality and a high commission than traditional exchanges. To use cryptocurrency in the future, you will have to turn to the services of exchanges and wallets, most of which currently require verification of identity before performing operations.
We offer one the easiest and the best way to purchase Bitcoin with cash. At Coinsfera, Transactions only take 10-15 minutes. Moreover, our friendly staff will provide you with full assistance in this case, if you have any difficulties or questions.

How to store bitcoin?

Bitcoins can be stored in two types of digital wallets: a hot wallet or a cold wallet. With a burning wallet, transactions are faster, while a cold wallet often includes additional security measures that help keep your assets safe, but also take longer.

Hot wallet

With the help of a hot wallet, bitcoin is stored on an exchange and is accessible via an app or a computer browser on the Internet. Even though the blockchain technology underlying bitcoin is even more secure than traditional electronic money transfers, bitcoin hot wallets are an attractive target for hackers.

Cold wallet

The cold wallet is a small encrypted portable device that allows you to download and transfer Bitcoins. Cold wallets can cost up to $100 but are considered much more secure than hot wallets. As a result, the choice remains for you which wallet to buy hot or cold. But you can think about this option in advance with the help of our qualified team, which will proconsul everything and help you create a wallet.

How to invest bitcoin correctly?

There are two ways to invest bitcoin. If you like the idea of day trading, one option is to buy bitcoin now and then sell it when its value rises. This method is popular since most users try to make a profit immediately. Sometimes this type of trade brings a good income, and sometimes insignificant. The second way is if you have analyzed the cryptocurrency market, especially the bitcoin market, and see it as the future of the digital currency, then you are investing in bitcoin. In other words, by purchasing it and investing your money. But this method is long compared to the first, which is a disadvantage.

Why should you buy bitcoin in Dubai?

Buy Bitcoin in Dubai
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List of Physical Stores where you can Buy or Sell bitcoin

There are a number of foreign currency exchanges and other places where there's a "storefront"/branch and an actual teller or other staff where you can just walk up and do a bitcoin buy and/or sell. But I don't think there's ever been a list of them compiled. Lots of location discoveries get shared on social media, like this one, bu there is just no comprehensive list anywhere. So that's what I'ld like to do here. If you know of a location please comment with the name or some details.
Physical stores and Trading Spaces
Europe, Middle East, and Africa:
North America:
Vouchers (retail)
Gift Cards
Hardware wallet sales locations (Note: It's always more secure to buy direct from the manufacturer)
There are also over-the counter (OTC) traders, who may or may not have a fixed location, but are not considered to be "physical stores":
Please share your additions, corrections, or comments.
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#PundiX Provides Recap of April 12 AMA with Zac Cheah, CEO #PundiXLabs

#PundiX Provides Recap of April 12 AMA with Zac Cheah, CEO #PundiXLabs
Dear Pundians,
Thank you for participating in the AMA session with Pundi X founder and CEO Zac Cheah.
For those of you who may have missed it, the live recording of the AMA session held last on April 12 at 10:00 am GMT+8, tackling Q1 progress and addressing questions and concerns by the community members, can be viewed here:
You may also find a summary of the Q1 progress presentation as well as the Q&A below:

Pundi X Q1 2019 Highlights

  1. Pundi X ecosystem handled a total of 26,380 crypto transactions valued at 3.9 million in USD during the 1st quarter of 2019. Registered XWallet users have increased to 179,982 as of April 10. XPOS has been shipped to 30 countries.
(Correction: The 179,982 X Wallet users include both KYC verified and unverified users; and not all KYC verified users as mentioned in the video. Zac’s apology.)
Quarterly Transaction Summary
Distribution Map
  1. The custom XPASS cards are becoming popular among our XPOS distributors. Exchanges in Canada (iBank) and Africa (Bit2Big, DoshEx) have ordered 14,000 in total.
Distribution Partnerships
  1. XPOS has successfully received EU’s CE certification. FCC certification is under way.
XPOS Certification
  1. By integrating a collection feature, we are making XWallet a virtual mini-XPOS. Users can be part of the XPOS merchant network by becoming verified merchants from the XWallet app. Staking and conversion are also integrated into XWallet app and available for KYC verified users.
XPOS Handy, a more affordable version of XPOS, is now in production. 2,000 units will be produced. The team is also looking into expanding XPOS into traditional POS units platforms and has started working on one of the top two POS brands for integration.
Product Development Overview
  1. Due to the conversion, the token removal in 2019 will reflect the result of both NPXS / NPXSXEM utilization and NPXS / NPXSXEM conversion to FX. For example, the amount of Q1 token removal will be announced in the first week of May 2019 and the execution will take place in the second week of May.
2019 Token Removal Schedule

Below is a summary of the Q&A with community members.


  • Q: How many live working XPOS are there in the world right now? Understand the plan was 100,000 in 2021. But recent news is only talking about someone maybe buying 1000 in 2021.
  • Is the delay in scaling XPOS because of the licenses which Pundi X doesn’t have yet? If yes, when can we expect it to be approved or denied?
Zac: The pick up rate during Q1 isn’t moving as fast partly due to the bear market. Another contributing factor of which some of you may be aware, is that we have been working on obtaining the relevant FCC and CE certifications for the XPOS as it’s a requirement by most governments.
We are pleased to announce that the XPOS has been officially certified. It’s in fact the first blockchain based POS device that has been given the CE certificate. And with this, we will begin to accelerate to get the XPOS compliant with the different markets and increase the activation rate of the XPOS.
For example, in Dubai, we are working with the local credit bureau to apply for an approval with the local regulators using our CE Certificate as the base document. The same goes for Korea’s KC certification.
So yes, a lot of things have been moving behind the scenes and one thing that is clear is whatever we do, it is to play the long-term game. Hence, we had to make sure that we have all the relevant required certification for the XPOS before we take it to the next level of deployment.
  • Q: How many XPOS transactions (by coins) have been done so far (since the start)?
Zac: The XPOS and XWallet have handled a total of $3.9M USD in Q1 outbound transaction.
  • Q: Will there be a major partnership such as with Uber or Amazon to use the XPOS? Any strong partnerships in the works for the XPOS?Any upcoming big deals for the xpos ? Like Starbucks, etc? And did Pundi X ever get in contact with Kroger?
Zac: As always, similar to other business deals, due to confidentiality agreements, we do not comment on major partnerships until it’s firmed up or announced first by our counterparties. One thing for sure, we are working hard to engage established global enterprises (especially those) with a large distribution network and footprint.
In addition to that, we are exploring the expansion of our XPOS solution footprint by integrating the XPOS into one of the Top 2 point-of-sale manufacturers. We will share the process and details once we have completed the testing.
  • Q: Any updates on a Pundi X collaboration with Dubai government?
Zac: We are in the process of getting the XPOS certified with the local government authorities. And now that the XPOS has the CE certificate, it will accelerate the approval process in Dubai.
  • Q: When is the XPOS capable of handling credit card payments?
Zac: We have reached out to various parties that can provide and activate these services and that includes meeting the CEO of MasterCard, Mr Ajay, in person. He has seen our XPOS and from what I could tell, he was impressed.
  • Q: When will you add XRP to XPOS?
Zac: The XPOS is a digital currency-neutral device. When there’s enough demand and a real need from an organization or company, we would not hesitate to add it to our XPOS ecosystem.
  • Q: When will the XPOS have WePay, AliPay, Samsung and Apple pay?
Zac: XPOS itself is hardware-ready for these payment methods. To activate these services, we will be required to comply with the local regulations in different jurisdictions and work with the providers of payment gateways.
  • Q: Can we get a merchant map, similar to bitcoin ATMs?
Zac: The team is working on this. In the first phase, we will have a list of the featured merchants. We are targeting to have a “lite” version of this “featured merchant” map ready by end-May. We are finalizing the name but you can call it the X-MAP where you can locate your favourite XPOS merchants or X-Merchants.
  • Q: Does Pundi X have plans to support stable coins?
Zac: Our XPOS merchants already have access to the stable coin feature, but for regular consumers, the option to have stable coin is not available yet. However we foresee turning on this feature soon.
  • Q: China and Thailand should be supplied with XPOS via some partner. The news was big but that was over a year ago. What’s the status in these two key markets?
Zac: China’s stance against Cryptocurrency is still a no-go. The news that was mentioned a year ago refers to our license distributor called XPOT (they had a kick off event a year ago where Mr. Prachuab Chaiyasan, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Thailand was one of the attendees). XPOT is our licensed distributor and I believe they are still in discussion with the local governments and pending the environment to change.
Regarding Thailand, we are in talks; with possible partnerships in this market. Please stay tuned.
  • Q: What are the current legal issues Pundi X is facing in USA, Germany and Canada?
Zac: Regulatory bodies are still ambiguous about their policies toward cryptocurrencies. As previously mentioned, we will continue to monitor the situation in the different markets and be compliant so that as soon as there is clarity in the market, we will be in a prime position to move in.
  • Q: When is Pundi X expanding to India? I was at your Mumbai Meetup but we are still waiting
Zac: We are awaiting RBI’s permission too, as crypto is still frowned upon by the local authorities.
  • Q: A long time before the public token sale, at the pre-sale stage, Pundi X said they have a working product and simply needs the funding to pay for a huge production and then give out XPOS devices for free. The cost per device is somehow USD 200–300, depending on order volume and a USD 3,000 investment would yield a minimum of 10 XPOS Devices. After enough funds raised, the token sale got capped and more funds raised. Then the XPOS got remodeled and went for sale. What happened with the initial idea of giving 10,000+ devices out for free?
Zac: As previously mentioned, pre-public token sale participants who purchased > 30 ETH are entitled to a free XPOS. If you haven’t claimed yours, please reach out to us.
Also in the pipeline, we are working with some non-profit organizations to provide free XPOS for their usage.

On the XWallet

  • Q: Will you add a stable coin to XWallet?
Zac: Yes, we will. Someone has asked the same thing about XPOS. It will likely be added around the same time for XPOS, XWallet and XPASS.
  • Q: Can we add the bank transfers to XWallet? Basically to liquidate on the XWallet for sending money to my bank account?
Zac: This is my personal favorite feature to have and it’s on my wishlist. In order to support fiat, we need to have a Payment Service License / E-Money License / Stored-value license in a jurisdiction that supports a particular fiat. For example, if it’s EURO, we will need to apply for a license or lease it via a partner for this to work.
We are definitely exploring the different possibilities but we are unable to elaborate more on when, or if it is happening, as this also requires more talks with the different local jurisdictions.
Q: Turkish holders would like to ask when can we partner with master / visa and integrate with XWallet?
Zac: As mentioned earlier, we have reached out to various parties that might be able to activate these services.

On Q3 to Q4 Plans

  • Q: What’s the plan for Q3 and Q4 for this year?
Zac: There are tons of things we are working on for Q3 and Q4.I will broadly separate it into:
Developer ecosystem — The developer ecosystem allows traditional and tech companies to onboard themselves into the XPOS and XWallet ecosystem, such as listing of their custom tokens, advertising etc. These services will all require the usage of NPXS and NPXSXEM tokens.
Partnerships — We are likely to partner with incumbent retail chain stores payment companies, incumbent POS companies that have deep distribution network to help expand the reach of XPOS, XWallet, XPASS, etc.
Governmental level efforts — We started off with Dubai and since then, several other governments have shown interest. We see this as an opportune time to engage forward-thinking governments to build a blockchain ecosystem in their city and country.
Our Team: we will continue to invest and grow our R&D team capabilities as they represent the heart of Pundi X. If any engineer or developer is keen to help us to scale, please get in touch with us. We are actually looking for engineers as I speak.

On NPXS and Token Removal

  • Q: What is the quarterly token removal from the NPXS usage of the XPOS and the burned amount for Q1 2019.
Zac: Good question. Some holders may be aware that token removal includes the result from the conversion. The amount of Q1 token removal will be announced in the 1st week of May and we will execute the removal in the 2ndweek of May.
  • Q: Pundi X has mentioned a monthly coin burn and a monthly buy back. Why hasn’t this happened yet?
Zac: It is not monthly. We are doing a quarterly token removal.
  • Q: People feel that the current token burn isn’t as transparent as many wish. What can be done to improve this process and make it more transparent? The biggest upset was after the ULTRA festival where Pundi X just wrote “we ain’t allowed to talk numbers.”Could there be a daily or weekly ticker? Is that possible?
Zac: That’s a good suggestion. While a daily ticker might be challenging, we certainly can try exploring incorporating a ticker update towards all token removal or scheduled for the next one.
  • Q: Zac, you have mentioned previously that someone was trading against NPXS. What did you guys do about this problem?
Zac: There are trading teams, market makers, financial institutions that profit from the drop and rise of token prices in the crypto market and it’s not something that is unique to NPXS. In fact, the traditional stock markets have similar challenges as well. We have taken the “the best defense is a good offense” strategy which is to continue to strengthen our tokens; such as create more use cases, drive more adoption and more distribution to ensure our tokens are well positioned and stronger than ever.
  • Q: Why do you not do any great marketing and generate publicity for NPXS, e.g., advertise on television stations in major and in different countries? I generally see marketing as very important to the company’s success. And I hope to see real partnerships, not just with small shops or restaurants.
Zac: We rarely engage in paid partnerships as it doesn’t necessarily produce the best ROI in terms of investment and in this market condition, we believe in being financially prudent. Being in a decentralized environment, we consider ourselves as a community-driven company.The impact of organic press coverage driven by our community is always stronger. We do want to be seen on all major news channels and we will do that via “thought leadership brand building.” As a testament to our growing reputation, recently, we were invited to speak at the Fintech Ideas Festival event and be on the same stage as the senior executives and CEOs of Wells Fargo, COO and CTO of Bank of America and other large institutions. We see this as the right step forward in growing our brand appeal to the masses.

On the QEX Fund

  • Q: Any update on the QEX fund?
Zac: The QEX fund is led by Vic Tham,CEO and Fen Chao Yong, COO, at Quantum Energy Asset Management, also known as QEAM. Other than being the CEO of QEAM, Vic is also Pundi X’s Chief Investment Officer.
From what we know, they are in the midst of raising funds, book building, analyzing potential projects & companies and strengthening the portfolio for QEX. It’s an ongoing effort for this year and a very exciting one. We are extremely excited to see potential breakthrough projects that could benefit our ecosystem. And if anyone has questions or interests, please do reach out to Vic Tham and his team at QEAM.

On Function X

  • Q: What is the update on devs program for the Function X ecosystem?
Zac: Many keen developers are eagerly waiting for it, and I know Billy who has posted this question is one of them. We are working on it right now, we can’t commit on the dates yet but developer support is a big part of our ecosystem. We are working tirelessly, and sometimes “sleeplessly” to get this out.
  • Q: Did you use “investors”/ token holders funds to develop Function X? And instead of giving the 65% FX tokens to NPXS and NPXSXEM holders, you are getting them to choose between NPXS/NPXSXEM and FX token?
Zac: 65% of the FX tokens from Token Generation Event (TGE) is already allocated for NPXS / NPXSXEM token holders, via staking and/or conversion. There are two separate projects with teams working on it. For the XPOS ecosystem to flourish, it requires a more scalable platform/solution which is the Function X ecosystem.
The Function X foundation will be announced in Q3 and hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise. We will have a solid team to grow the Function X ecosystem.
  • Q: Will Pundi X be less focused on NPXS once FX goes live?
Zac: No, we think it’s mutually beneficial. If I may use an analogy, it’s like Google Search and Android, one product will lift the other up. The other example would be salt and pepper. When used in combination, it will drastically improve the taste of any particular dish.
  • Q: What is the relationship between the future f(x) coin and the future NPXSFX token? Is the former used in the FX ecosystem (XPhones) and the latter used in the XPOS ecosystem? If so, would buying something using the XPhone going to burn FX coins, NPXSFX tokens, both or none?
Zac: Think of the role of f(x) coin like how ETH is. Everything or any service that’s taking place in the Function X ecosystem will require the f(x) coin.
For NPXS which will be ported over to the Function X blockchain once the Function X mainnet is up and running, its utility will remain the same. Any payment-relevant services or activities on the Function X blockchain will require NPXS, which on the Function X mainnet will be tentatively called NPXSFX.
  • Q: For FX Tokens, the lock up of 1 year is too long for us to wait. Can we change the option to shorten the duration?
Zac: The mechanism in place has been designed for the long term, so unfortunately, we can’t change the option. Users have the choice whether to convert his NPXS and NPXSXEM, or not, into f(x) coin, if a user chooses to convert he will receive 12% immediately and 8% each month for the next 11 months.
  • Q: Will F(x) be available to those who couldn’t stake or convert? Will it be before the staking period end or after? When will F(x) be available to purchase on an exchange for those in countries who were not allowed to stake? Will it be during the staking period or after?
Zac: Soon we hope. As per our policy, we are unable to comment on listing dates, but with our established relationships with exchanges, we do hope it will be quick.
  • Q: We were all impressed by the Uber Dapp demos running on F(x), but these days Tron and EOS are getting a lot of press about Dapps too. What advantages will F(x) have over those platforms?
Zac: Each platform will have its own advantages, we welcome the competition and hope that more popular apps such as the decentralized Uber app can be conceived from Function X.
  • Q: Why is there no cap on f(x) tokens? When will you explain how the tokenomics will work?
Zac: I would encourage all to have a look at our concept paper on and the Medium blog post as the details are explained thoroughly there.
  • Q: Have you already secured deals with other companies like Sony, Samsung, etc with the Function X OS to build other blockchain phones? Or do you plan to keep the Function X software to just the 5000 phone you already made?
Zac: The 5,000 XPhones serves as a proof-of-concept, for manufacturers and developers to have a test drive. We want to partner with hardware/smartphone companies and telcos to build their own version of the blockchain phones with Function X. And we are still working hard to engage with the companies to push for future blockchain phones and strengthen our Function X ecosystem.
  • Q: Will the XPhone work as a mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) device like the XPOS Handy?
Zac: The XPhone comes preinstalled with the XWallet and with that, it can double up as a lite version of the XPOS with QR code and NFC Support.
  • Q: When will XPOS Handy be ready?
Zac: XPOS Handy will be available in the coming weeks.
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Getting serious about Dubai and the UAE.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the highest possibility of extremely fast, wide spread adoption out of any other country. I think we all agree the remittance market will be the first disrupted by Bitcoin. 85% of Dubai's residents are expats, working here solely to send there tax free income back home, 71% are from India, Philippines, Bangladesh and Pakistan respectively. This is true for the entirety of the United Arab Emirates and most of the rest of the middle east. Almost all small retail and hospitality businesses are run, managed, and owned by those Asian nationalities mentioned above, with the exception of a few large corporations. The potential market in terms of percentage of population is huge! Everyone who has a job or business in Dubai remits money back to their home country. People literally Que outside western union branches on pay day. I work here and have a team of colleagues committed to spreading the word. From the Pakistani taxi drivers to the Indian corporates, even the multi-national airline crew. We have created brochures and business cards with simple Bitcoin info including benfits and instructions. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible, and help spread the adoption of Bitcoin ATM's here. Any ideas and recommendations appreciated, and if you are located in Dubai let me know. Dubai has the biggest potential in terms of remittance, yet only has one pizza restaurant that accepts btc. we need to get the word out over here!
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Welcome at MyBit's official Reddit.
MyBit designs products that open up the world, creating tools that enable freedom and wealth generation for everyone. Its two flagship products include a decentralised investment platform (MyBit DApp) and the world's first decentralised IoT asset exchange (MYDAX). Powered by Ethereum.
Founded in Switzerland by industry veterans, MyBit believes that people should be able to follow their passion instead of having to work to survive.
By redefining the way people generate income, MyBit strives to democratise financial services so everyone has equal access to income opportunities. This becomes critical as the machine economy begins to dominate and 800 million human jobs are lost to machines by 2030 (Mckinsey, 2017).
MyBit provides an ecosystem for the upcoming 11.1 Trillion dollar IoT industry (Forbes, 2017) among other collaborative tools, with the belief that everyone should have an equal opportunity to participate in this revolution.
Follow MyBit on:
Twitter Announcements/News
Facebook Events/Meetups
Telegram Quick Chat
BITCOIN TALK Timely updates
More Information

The Company

Where is MyBit registered?
MyBit Stiftung (Foundation) is registered in Zug, Switzerland under public registration number CHE-177.186.963 and can be found in the commercial registry HERE. MyBit AG (Operating Entity) is registered in Zug, Switzerland under public registration number CHE-192.841.841 and be found in the commercial registry here.
What is the responsibility of the Foundation and AG?
The MyBit Foundation is responsible for managing capital flow, the MyBit Token, and the overall success of the entire ecosystem. MyBit AG is owned by the MyBit Foundation and employs the team as well as completes the engineering, marketing, business development, and other core functions.
Why choose a non-profit structure?
To best protect ourselves and our community we mirrored our corporate structure to that of Ethereum and are based in the same jurisdiction. This ensures that everyone involved with MyBit from team members, to contributors, to third-parties are protected to the best extent currently possible.
Who is the team?
Please review the company section of the website. Where is the team located? The core team is based in Zug, Switzerland where our offices are and company is registered.(edited) What legal firm represents MyBit? Mayerlustenberger Lachenal (MLL) which is one of the top law firms in Switzerland, with offices throughout the EU. They have a strong history in the fields of start-ups, energy, fundraising, and international law which made them a perfect match for our needs.
Who are your partners?
Please review the partners section of the website and our blog to monitor updates on the partnership side of our business.
How much funds have you raised?
During Phase 1 of our TokenSale we raised 10,044 Ether which at the time was approximately CHF 2’700’000. Are you planning a future funding round and why? Yes, however it will not involve issuing more MyBit Tokens above the current maximum supply of 180.000.000.

The Business Model

How do you monetise?
All Assets funded on the MyBit platform are assessed a 3% fee 1% which goes to the foundation to cover ongoing operations and upgrades, 1% to the MyBit DAO, and 1% is used to buy back MYB from exchanges and burn it.
Who will maintain the platform?

The MyBit DAO is in charge of maintaining the platform. Who will upgrade and add new features? The MyBit Foundation and MyBit AG will collaborate to implement new features and upgrades. All DAO members are welcome to contribute and submit propositions for additional features which may be integrated after voting, rigorous auditing, and approval.
How does regulation affect MyBit?
MyBit currently complies with all regulation and is governed by the Swiss Foundation Authority. However, please note that regulation may prevent MyBit from entering certain markets and/or servicing certain users.
What markets are you targeting?
Initially MyBit will be conducting testing in Europe and Dubai. The first market MyBit will fully target is Europe, followed by Japan, China, Latin America, Australia, and North America. Dubai may be used as a testing bed for new products.
What industries are you targeting?
Initially we are focused on Autonomous vehicles, renewable energy solutions such as solar, cryptocurrency ATMs, cryptocurrency Mining, decentralised storage units and Smart IoT devices but any IoT device or machine that generates revenue can be integrated into the MyBit platform.(edited) Section 3: The Platform
What is MyBit?
MyBit is a company building ethereum-based products (aApps) which enable a range of income generating and collaborative transactions to take place without relying on a middle-man, broker, or intermediary fund. How does MyBit Go work? Similar to kickstarter or like investment platform. Users can log on and view assets to invest in. Smart contracts govern the entire process and act as a digital broker so you can be ensured the terms of your investment will be followed.
Why would I use it?
MyBit is the first platform to streamline investments into the technologies of the future. To invest in these next generation IoT assets via another platform or service would involve sending your capital to a third-party fund which creates counterparty risk, reduces personal control, and exposes you to exorbitant management fees.
Who are MyBit Go's competitors?
Traditional investment funds are the main competitor, with their advantage lying mainly in their existing client relationships.
What is the competitive advantage? Traditional funds cannot compete with MyBit’s security, speed, and low fees because their business models and overhead infrastructure cannot easily be redefined to match MyBit’s benefits.
Is it secure?
On one end it is very secure compared to traditional funds because you are in control of your capital from start to finish and do not have to rely on a third-party to fulfill investment terms and entrust them with your money. All of this is automated with immutable blockchain-based smart contracts (or computer code that cannot be altered or manipulated in any form). On the other end of the spectrum Ethereum and Blockchain technologies are still largely untested and in their infancy which creates risks, so it is important for everyone to perform their own individual assessments. Do I have to pay to use the platform? Yes, there is a one-time fee required which differs based on features you wish to use. These one-time fees are paid in MYB and then the MYB is removed from the total supply.
How do I fund Assets?
It is as simple as logging onto the platform, finding the project you want to invest in, and sending Ether to the listed smart contract address. Then everything is automated and you will receive revenue distributions shortly after the asset begins generating revenue.
Who can fund assets?
MyBit scales to meet the demands of any user ranging from small individual investors to large institutional funds. Please note that users may be subject to different onboarding requirements based on investment amounts, legal structure (if entity), and location.
What currencies can I use to fund Assets?
Uniswap has been integrated to facilitate multi-token funding, this is a back-end conversion service that enables asset funding in any supported cryptocurrency with enough liquidity. Investment is denominated in DAI which is a USD stable coin, and In the future we hope to also implement fiat options.
How often do I receive revenue?
It is available for withdrawal at the discretion of the user. We aim to make our Blockchain powered, revenue distribution management system as real time as technically possible.
What currencies can I receive revenue in?
By default it will be received in Ethereum, but we will integrate a conversion layer to increase the amount of cryptocurrency options which it can be received in. In the future we plan to implement Fiat payment; However, that is subject to the cost-effectiveness and local regulations. What is the onboarding process? This is yet to be set in stone but we will be partnering with a compliance company to manage all onboarding and user KYC/AML. This can differ substantially based on location and capital amounts.
How do you establish fractional ownership on the blockchain?
Fractional ownerships is achieved by smart contracts and crypto movement recorded on the ethereum blockchain. Physical ownership is recorded through ownership of tokens in a smart contract. More units of cryptocurrency that are contributed to the initial whole of the funding requirement equates to more fractional ownership. For example, if a solar panel costs 100 units of ether then contributing 30 units of ether to the smart contract results in 30 percent fractional ownership which are stored in the smart contract.
How will ROI be determined?
The ROI associated an IoT Asset will be determined by the installer or producer of the asset and reviewed by the MyBit team to increase accuracy. We cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the ROI estimations; however, as more assets are funded on the the MyBit platform, the data will be aggregated and analysed to increase the future accuracy of ROI projections.
Is ROI accurate?
ROI is reviewed internally by the MyBit team to help ensure accuracy; however, MyBit cannot guarantee the ROI. The ultimate decision to invest based on the ROI and its accuracy is the responsibility of the investor. Investment ROIs will get more accurate over time as we accumulate more investment data via the machine learning practices we will implement. How will tax credits and asset depreciation be handled by the platform? Tax credits towards the purchase of solar are priced into the asset funding price. Personal tax credits and depreciation expense are left to the investor and we advise to seek the advice of a certified tax professional.
Can investors sell and transfer their shares of ownership?
Not with the initial launch of the platform. Implementation of this feature is prioritized after initial testing and scaling.
What happens when a dispute arises?
All terms are recorded immutably upfront in smart contracts before they are deployed. When any dispute arises it is up to the parties involved to solve it - we recommend seeking third-party arbitration.
Are there a minimum or maximum number of investor limits per asset?
The minimum number of investors is 1. Each lister of an asset will determine if there is a maximum number of investors. Once a smart contract reaches its full funding requirement then the asset is locked from any further investments effectively capping off the number of investors.
How do you handle depreciation?
When choosing partners who will be listing their assets on the MyBit platform we review that the rate of revenue generation is greater than the rate of depreciation + operating expenses (projected)? This ensures that more profits are coming in than being lost to expenses and depreciation and that the total revenue generated over the asset's "normal" lifespan exceeds the cost of the asset. The majority of assets will be designed to operate (and generate revenue) until their lifespan is over, rather than deal with depreciated re-sale value. Therefore, we do our best to partner with companies whose assets can generate profits at a rapid rate to achieve full ROIs well in advance of the asset's life ending. Section 4:
The Token What is the use of the MyBit Token?
MYB is a utility token which is used to pay the one time fee to access different features of the platform. It will also be used as escrow by the Asset Managers to incentivise them to complete their work as needed. Staking is also planned to be added in the future.
How does staking MYB work?
More information will be made available prior to the Beta Release scheduled for Q4 2018.
How do I trade assets I own?
Typically, investments such as this are illiquid - meaning that you often have to wait until the profits exceed your investment to gain a full ROI. Or you have to sell the asset in full to obtain cash. MyBit lets users sell a portion (or the full amount) of their ownership to someone else in exchange for cash. The buyer is willing to complete the purchase to capitalise on the existing and proven revenue streams of the asset. So there is potentially a whole business opportunity in taking the risk of funding assets with unproven revenue streams and selling them shortly after at a premium if revenues surpass projections.
Is MYB considered a security?
No, MyBit is a utility token used to access the MyBit platform. The MyBit platform enables investments into IoT devices, but the token does not directly which keeps it in compliance with regulations. Also, there is no truly passive revenue distributions purely from holding the MyBit token due to users having to participate in staking, similar to how Ethereum is migrating their structure.
What exchanges is MYB on?
MYB is currently on HitBTC, EtherDelta, and Cryptopia.(edited) Where can I store MYB? MyBit can be stored on an exchange or any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens such as MyEtherWallet, Parity, or Mist.
How do I add MYB to MyEtherWallet and others?
You must add the custom token address via your wallet: 0x5d60d8d7eF6d37E16EBABc324de3bE57f135e0BC Additional parameters that may be needed include: name: MyBit Token , Symbol: MYB , Decimals: 18
Do you burn tokens?
Yes, one-time platform access costs which are paid in MYB. Section 5: Other When will the Alpha be released? It was released in private on May 10, 2018.
What is a Brand Ambassador?
MyBit uses a Brand Ambassador strategy to have supporting members of our community host informational meetups around the world to spread awareness.
How do I become a Brand Ambassador?
Send us an email with your location and experience in the crypto-industry and we will coordinate an interview with you.
When will the Alpha be released?
It was released in private on May 10, 2018.
Are you hiring?
We are always looking for passionate innovators to join the team. Send us an email if you are interested in exploring full-time options or wish to become a Brand Ambassador.


What is MYDAX?
MYDAX is the MyBit Decentralised Asset Exchange which is the world's first Blockchain-based truly decentralised exchange for IoT Assets.
What can I use MYDAX for?
MYDAX is designed to securely create a market for buyers and sellers of historically illiquid alternative assets without relying on third-party brokers and agents to establish trust. This creates a more fluid, secure, and profitable user experience.
Will only assets funded on the MyBit DApp be on MYDAX?
No, the beauty of MYDAX is that any IoT asset, either those funded directly via the MyBit DApp or those already funded, deployed, and generating revenue can be tokenised.
Why would anyone want to tokenise an existing IoT asset?
Liquidity. A large risk in alternative asset investing is the lack of liquidity - the inability to easily, securely, and cost-effectively find a buyeseller. MyBit streamlines this currently erroneous process with smart contracts.
How is it more secure and faster than traditional secondary markets?
By integrating Blockchain technology, we are able to automatically establish trust and proof of ownership so buyers/sellers are not reliant on third-party verification services to prove ownership (to the extent currently possible). Blockchain also creates transparency so financials can easily be audited (and trusted), and the exchange between ownership and cash does not require an intermediary which eliminates counterparty risk.(edited)

Asset Manager & Staking

What is the role of the asset manager?
Many assets still require oversight, maintenance, and other operational requirements that are currently best completed by a human. The asset manager is rewarded with a percentage of the asset's revenue for his work.
Why reward the asset manager with a percentage of revenue instead of a fixed amount?
By taking this approach, it encourages the asset manager to complete his job to the fullest of his/her ability, as their work input should theoretically have a direct impact on their monthly profits. Fixed amounts often create complacency and laziness.
What percentage of revenue does the asset manager receive?
We believe in a free market approach where the asset manager can choose their percentage. We anticipate that it will typically range between 5-10% for an average asset. If the perecentage is too high, then investors will in theory not fund the asset, which will lead to an equilibrium percentage over time.
How are investors protected if the Asset Manager does not perform or meet requirements?
Investors of an asset can utilise our (anticipated) integration with Aragon to vote on removing an Asset Manager and replacing with a new one. This requires 51% of voting consensus. Investors voting power is equivalent to their percentage stake in the asset.
Does the Asset Manager have any money at stake?
Asset Managers are required to lock MYB in escrow as collateral to incentivise them to perform their duties. If they are removed from their position, the escrowed MYB will be forfeited to the new Asset Manager. When can Asset Managers withdraw escrowed MYB? Asset Managers can withdraw MYB in proportion to the percent ROI the asset has generated. For example if an asset is at 25% break-even, meaning it cost CHF 10.000 and CHF 2.500 has been distributed to investors, then 25% of escrowed MYB is elgible for withdrawal. The percentages at which withdrawal is available are: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%.
After Asset Managers withdraw 100% of their escrow what incentivises them to continue?
The monthly revenue streams they are receiving. It is important to note at this stage, Asset Managers have no financial-risk because they have received their full escrow amount back, but investors have received 100% of their initial investments back so the risk of any loss is mitigated. How can I trust an Asset Manager? Asset Managers will receive a trust level based on a proprietary trust algorithm we are developing. This will also give suggestions as to the escrow range they should follow.
What if an Asset Manager cannot afford the average escrow?
This is where staking comes into effect. Hodlers of MYB can "stake" or post the required escrow for Asset Managers and in return receive a portion of the revenue stream assigned to the Asset Manager.
What percentage of revenue do Stakers receive?
Much like the free market model where Asset Managers can choose their revenue percentages of an asset they are managing, we believe that this should also be up to the discretion of the Asset Managers and Stakers. If an Asset Manager offers to low of a revenue share agreement, then in theory they will not have their escrowed covered by any Stakers.
How are revenue share agreements enforced?
Everything is done with smart contracts, so you can be sure it will function exactly as planned without any human risk.
When can stakers withdraw their staked MYB?
The same eligibility as Asset Managers - based on the revenue generated by the asset compared to the asset cost.
Can escrowed amounts be crowdfunded by stakers?
No stakers are required to post all or nothing. In the future we may implement crowdfunded staking, but currently it is not an option.
Are assets listed for funding prior to having escrow requirements met?
No, no assets will be listed to investors until 100% of the staking requirements are met.
In what form of payment is revenue received?
Ethereum by default; however, third-party conversion services may open up a variety of different crypto and fiat currencies which revenue can be received in.
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