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Voltage locked 7950 keeps undervolting itself

A gigabyte 7950, now I do have the one with the new bios supposed to run at 1000mhz, and the vcore is supposed to be at 1.150 or 1.250 or something, but it keeps setting itself to .950vcore
Which makes the card run very badly, even at stock clocks.
Temps are pretty okay, 60-75Cs under load.
I've tried forcing the voltage back up (with 50miner, a bitcoining software I don't use, but the only one that actually let's be push the voltage to stock manually) though it keeps instantly defaulting back to .950vcore
The weird bit, sometimes it will run at the vcore it's supposed to and I can overclock the card quite nicely, othertimes it throttles itself and I can't even run the (original, before the new bios it shipped with) 900mhz clock. Temps don't change, never really go above 75 or so under full load iirc.
Any help? Because it makes overclocking the card, or just using it for gaming a nightmare :/
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Bitcoin ROCKED the economic downturn! Key BTC numbers ...

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